Fran is such a strong, supportive, inspiring individual. She has helped me through so many tough times and shared lots if happy times too. When I am at a crossroad in my life and don't know which way to go, she is the one I ask for advice. She will always listen before any input so I can offload aswell as getting help. 2 birds with one stone. Fran is such a huge part if my and my sons life, and I know for sure she is there for us both forever. She is not my mate, she is my friend. Thanks Fran for everything you have done for us, and in advance for everything you will do. Lots of love.  C....Kirbymoorside Xxxxx


Fran is a deeply spiritual and warm-hearted person, and her caring and joyful personality is always apparent in the sensitive way in which she relates to her fellow human beings.

I have had the pleasure of corresponding with her online for a number of months and have found her friendship a source of deep inspiration, as she has helped me cope with a very difficult time in my own life. She has a great deal of experience in counselling and is extremely dedicated to her profession.

Fran is indeed a unique person; she is a jewel, and has a deep love of humanity which is all too rarely found today. A...Glasgow

i have known this woman for eight years now, she has helped me through my deepest of depression when i lost my daughter to premature birth with grief counselling and reiki. she has stood by me in every corner and turn of my life, on many of nights she has given me her time uninterrupted to help me just to see sense and work out why it was happening to me. fran is the most helpfull soul i could of wished to have in my life

.N  Lunn.... Newcastle


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